If you are using HTTP based APIs to push the data, it is recommended to do this check.

Prevent duplicate insert attempt
Prevent duplicate insert attempt
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There could be multiple reasons to do such a check, including not to attempt inserting duplicate data and thus save bandwidth, time and resources.

The Problem

The Solution

Below queries are tested with a million rows in a MySQL database and 500K new data.

  1. Choose the column against which the check should be done. It should be a well indexed unique key column or a multi-column unique key.
  2. Create a temporary table with the similar column…

Portrait of Ada by British painter Margaret Sarah Carpenter (1836)
Portrait of Ada by British painter Margaret Sarah Carpenter (1836)
Portrait of Ada by British painter Margaret Sarah Carpenter (1836) — UK Government Art Collection website.Original upload was at English wikipedia at en:File:Ada_Lovelace.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=354077

Recently I wrote a post in Finotes blog about the history of software bugs. In that blog I wrote about Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, and about her works that earned her the reputation of being the first software programmer. Some people pinged me to check if that is true. They could not believe that a young lady who lived in the first half of 19th century conceived a programming algorithm.

Countess Ada was born on December 15, 1815 in London. As a child she displayed a passion for Mathematics. In 1833 she met Charles Babbage who introduced her…

Web devs,

Looks like some of you are using background images for text highlighting. There is a simple and better way to do that using CSS.

Text highlighting in HTML using CSS
Text highlighting in HTML using CSS
Text highlighting in HTML using CSS

So here are the html and css code for highlighting text.


<mark>Detect and report bugs</mark> in iOS & Android mobile apps, watchOS apps.


mark, strong {
padding: 0.2em;
background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #d6ffff 0%, #d6ffff 100%) no-repeat;
background-size: calc(100%) calc(50%);
background-position: bottom;

This CSS works with most text tags including <span>, though I prefer using <mark> or <strong> to indicate the importance of the highlighted text.

BTW you need to use calc() for background-size only if more calculation needs to be done. No need to use for this particular example though. Just added here for highlighting what all can be done.

Originally posted by me @ https://dev.to/robin_a_p/text-highlighting-using-html-and-css-19n6

I spent couple of hours this weekend trying to optimise finotes.com. Objective was to achieve a decent performance and SEO score in lighthouse report.

Finotes.com is a simple product website that was initially built using Wordpress. While wordpress is an excellent framework for building websites, we decided our’s does not need most of the capabilities Wordpress offered. Also it demanded more time and effort in optimising the performance. Of course we are not Wordpress experts.

So we moved our blog https://blog.finotes.com to Wix. The finotes.com website was rebuilt using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and JQuery. …

One of the decisions that we at Finotes took was that we are not doing a freemium model. Being a bootstrapped startup, Don Peter and me were not able to justify the infrastructure and operational cost associated with serving the free tier users.

While freemium is a valid business model, it’s just that we could not find a way to cross subsidise. We do have a finite term trial plan though.

Looking back, we did register decent growth. One may argue that if we had a freemium model we could have more conversions. I am not disputing that. What I…

Common bugs in mobile apps
Common bugs in mobile apps

Well, memory leak tops the list as per Finotes state of the bugs report for year 2020. It accounts for 24% of bug reports in iOS apps and 30% in Android apps. Be very careful when you add objects to lists that are shared across controllers / activities and while using static objects.

Read the full report here: https://www.blog.finotes.com/post/state-of-bugs-in-mobile-apps-finotes-report-for-year-2020

Today is the last day of year 2020, a year which changed the way we work, the way we play, the way we connected with friends and family, even the way we pray. For startups, this year has been better than expected, thanks to the unprecedented acceleration in adopting technology across domains.

Kerala Startup Funding data 2020

Startups in Kerala raised $55M this year across 26 deals, with an average deal size of $2.12M. While the total fund raised saw a dip compared to previous year, number of deals went up by 2x+. This is in line with the national trend where the number of…

Kerala Startup Funding — Statistics as of Sept 2020
Kerala Startup Funding — Statistics as of Sept 2020

⦿ #Startups in #Kerala raised a total of $50.18 M from 21 deals this year till date.

⦿ Deal count is the highest for any given year.

⦿ This month three startups raised a total funding of $4.57M.

Kerala #startup funding scene is doing well given the global investment climate.

It’s a given that failure rate among technology startups is very high. The topic is always a major discussion point in business and technology community worldwide. But not much has been discussed about the failure of big companies in executing technology projects.

Few days back I shared an article from CNBC authored by Guild Spark CEO @Keith Kitani. The article is about how companies like GE, Ford, P&G and others spent $1.3T, and ended up wasting $900B (70%) in Digital Transformation. That’s probably an unprecedented scale of failure in technology world.

Also to read along with the topic is the…

Two months back our website finotes.com never featured in google first 100 pages for any of the common keywords that our target audience would search for. And our (mine and Don’s) knowledge of SEO is near zero. Tried watching some videos on the topic and started experimenting. Well, the results were hopeless.

Honestly, we were not convinced with some of the expert ‘SEO & digital marketing’ advices that we got (no offence to SEO experts out there). The advices were focused on ‘cheating’ Search Engine algorithms than any real ‘optimisation’ of the website. …

Robin Alex Panicker

Yet another Software Engineer. Architecting bug hunter SDK Finotes.com. Venture Partner with Unicorn India Ventures

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